SewEzi Sewing Tables

Cottage Flair is proud to supply SewEzi sewing tables, portable tables, and accessories.

SewEzi sewing tables are designed to create a better sewing experience where ever you want to sew and provide a personalised workstation where you can complete your craft and sewing projects. The SewEzi Portable is ideal to take to retreats and classes and has the added advantage of being able to be packed away when you need additional space.

The SewEzi table:
  • Flatbed sewing
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent sore backs and shoulders
  • Designed by sewers for sewers
  • Packs away flat for easy storage or travel. Comes with a storage case
  • Fits your specific sewing machine model
  • Clear inserts available to allow you to use different machines on the one table

The Original SewEzi Portable Sewing Table including acrylic insert – $399.00 + freight

SewEzi Portable Table Acrylic Insert Only – $60.00 + freight

Ideal for use at home, taking to classes and retreats the SewEzi Portable sewing table is designed to be both light and robust. This table packs away into to its own carry case and has wheels for easy transport.

Table Top Dimensions:  87cm x 48cm (34” x 19”)

Table Height:  74cm (29”)

Table Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

(Price does not include the sewing machine, accessory tray and thread stand)

The SewEzi Grande Sewing Table including acrylic insert – $649.00 + freight

SewEzi Grande Table Acrylic Insert Only – $80.00 + freight

The Grande Sewing Table is the ideal sewing room workstation. Designed with a large worktop and strong leg system this sewing table is still able to be packed away in a protective case for storage and is suitable for both large and small sewing machines.

Table Top Dimensions: 120 cm x 58.5cm (47” x 23”)

Table Height: 74cms (29”) with 3cm, (1 ¼”) of adjustment.

Table Weight: 17kg (38lbs)

(Price does not include the sewing machine or thread stand)

The SewEzi Extension Table

$299.00 + freight

The Extension Table allows you to extend your work surface in your sewing space, packs away into to its own carry case and has wheels for easy transport.

Table Top Dimensions:  98cm x 48cm (39” x 19”)

Table Height:  74cm (29”)

Table Weight:  9.4 kg (21 lbs)

The SewEzi Cutting & Design Table

$949.00 + freight

The Cutting & Design Table has variable heights allowing you to have it set at the perfect height for you to cut & design comfortably. Featuring a smooth anti-snag finish makes it’s perfect for cutting delicate fabrics while remaining robust! The side leaves fold down to save space and 8 lockable wheels allow you to move it around the room or your house.

Table Top Dimensions: It is 190cm (75”) wide by 95cm (37 ½ “) deep when both leaves are up.

Table Height: 82cm (32 ½ ”), 86cm (34“), 90cm (35 ½ “), 94cm (37”). Height adjustable.

Table Weight: 38kg (83.7lbs)

SewEzi Accessory Tray

$55.00 + freight

(Accessories not included)


This handy accessory tray is a great add-on! A great place to put scissors, spare bobbins and all those other small items which you need close at hand when sewing. The accessory tray hinges on the back hanger rod and when the machine is removed from the table, the tray swings in and latches securely out of the way for transport and storage.

SewEzi Thread Stand

$55.00 + freight

(Threads not included)


The thread stand is very robust and takes two spools of thread. It clips on to the edge of any SewEzi table or any other table up to 22mm (7/8”) thick. This holds it firmly in place so that it cannot be knocked off or vibrate off the edge while sewing. The thread stand comes with two cone holders and two large and two small thread spreaders allowing the stand to hold virtually any shape or size cone or reel. The stand has its own drawstring bag so that the extra pieces are not lost and it is so robust that there is no risk of it getting bent or broken during transport or storage.

All prices are correct as of March 2023 and are quoted in New Zealand dollars (NZ$)

For further information, a quote for freight charges, or to purchase a SewEzi sewing table