Truly Myrtle Patterns




Truly Myrtle designs are written with you in mind.

Thoughtfully created for a wide range of sizes, Truly Myrtle designs have the added bonus of making you feel fabulous when you put on them on.

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Aoraki, Dirty Lace, Electra, Flicker, Floozy Too, Florrie, Flounce, Footsie, Georgie, Gingerbread, Hemera, Hina, Huia, Kate, Koru, Maiden, Maximus, Maycroft, Nessa, Nuala, Oatmeal, Pearl, Peck on the Cheek, Phoenix, Rattan, Rebel Rebel, Reminisce, Ripple Dancer, Serpentine, Settler, Siren Song, Sister From Another Mister, Skein Sisters, Thunder Cloud Kisses, Timely, Tui, Wavecrest, Zida