On Pause

After a manic few days preparing for lockdown, it is mind blowing to realise just what we can achieve as a nation, as families and as individuals when we really put our minds to it. And now that we are all, hopefully, at home where we can stay safe, now we have a good chance of kicking Covid-19’s ass!  A month of isolation may seem like an impossible task but as Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it is done”.

With further clarification for businesses in New Zealand on what is and isn’t allowed, Cottage Flair, as a non-essential business, will now be “on pause” until further notice. This means our online shop as well as our retail store.

This doesn’t mean we will be spending our time at home watching Netflix, well some of the time we will be 😂  Mostly we will be beavering away getting new samples made, creating new classes, website development and teaching ourselves how to use social media more effectively. All things we usually don’t have enough time for!

We will be keeping in touch on Instagram and Facebook as much as possible and would also love to see what everyone else is making.