Cottage Flair
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Our Team


I have owned Cottage Flair for the past 20 years and my passion for patchwork and quilting keeps growing every day! I love fabric colour, textiles and girly things, my business and inspiring people to give patchwork a go.

At Cottage Flair we are continually growing and creating fresh ideas to motivate. I believe that good style, product and displays make a difference in attracting customers and inspiring them to want to make quilts and craft. Cottage Flair is a place that is fun, has a warm friendly atmosphere and helpful service. I have a team of wonderful girls who are very dedicated to Cottage Flair. I have 7 beautiful grandchildren which I am sure will follow in their granny’s footsteps with sewing, well at least the girls will! My Pfaff sewing machine is my ‘best friend’ and I also enjoy gardening, knitting, clothes, jewellery and my home life.


I am married with three children and grandmother to four.

I have sewn for as long as I can remember with learning to sew on my nana’s sewing machine and making dolls clothes.

In later years I moved on to dress making for myself and others.

Since Cottage Flair was born I have made many different crafts and over the last eight years have done lots of quilt making which has been very rewarding.


Having only dabbled in patchwork many years ago I was reintroduced to the craft in 2008 when I was asked to join a quilting group who met on Thursday evenings at Cottage Flair.

Once I started I was hooked and now always seem to have several projects on the go at once.

I love bright bold textiles and vintage fabrics. I have a passion for reclaiming and up-cycling fabrics, clothing, quilts, blankets, almost anything that could reappear as a new quilt – it is amazing just what can be made beautiful again with a little effort! As well as enjoying a renewed interest in patchwork in 2009 I also started working part time at Cottage Flair bringing my skills of financial and office administration to the team.


Hello, my name is Suzie and I work for Cottage Flair assisting with quilt show and casually in the shop. I have a passion for sewing, stitching, anything really that involves craft. I have been sewing my own clothes since the age of 13, but in later years discovered patchwork and quilting. I managed a fabric shop for some years and then went to work for Jill at Cottage Flair.

I have been quilting for 16 years and am always surprised at how much there is still to learn. I love to make quilts and recently have taken to quilting my own.  I have also enjoyed a bit of machine embroidery. I love to help people put their quilts together, and especially to see the end result and the joy each person gets out of the finished item.   I started embroidering when I was 10 years old and still enjoy cross stitch, tapestry and dress making.


Hi my name is Shirley and I work for Cottage Flair as a tutor, designer and casually in store. Threads and fabrics have always been a big part life as a child. Consequently my working life lead me into ladies fashion and bridal wear then later teaching textiles at secondary level.

Quilting came into my life around 20 years ago and I still love the journey of learning new things and meeting like minded people. I love to share my work, so I regularly enter challenges and exhibitions where I have been lucky enough to win some awards and sell a few quilts.

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